Blockchain contracting and consulting

26th October 2018

Let’s Talk ETC

Let's Talk ETC

8th October 2018

Alamo City – End of Tribalism

Alamo City

25th September 2018

ADI Summit – Towards a Multichain Future


12th September 2018

ETC Summit – Towards a Multichain Future


17th August 2018

NEWSBTC Live Stream Interview With Bob Summerwill On Ethereum


4th July 2018

Bob Summerwill – Cryptocurrency and the Future of Securities at EDCON 2018

Boeing Vancouver

Bob Summerwill – Overview of Enterprise Blockchain

Boeing Vancouver

Bob Summerwill – What is Hyperledger?

Boeing Vancouver

22nd June 2018

Bob Summerwill – Dogecon – Let’s move beyond crypto-tribalism

Dogecon June 22nd

22nd June 2018

Alison Alexis – Dogecon – Panel on Abundance

Dogecon June 22nd

Bob Summerwill – Dogecon – Neurodiversity, understanding, reconciliation, forgiveness

Dogecon June 21st

Bob Summerwill – Indigenous Blockchain Roundtable

Indigenous Blockchain Summit

31st May 2018

ChronoLogic interviews Bob Summerwill at EDCON about Scaling the Heart of the Ethereum Community

Chronologic EDCON

Bob Summerwill – The Future of Blockchain

Blockchain @ UBC Mini Summit

14th May 2018

Bob Summerwill – Coindesk LIVE at Consensus 2018

Consensus 2018

002-Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bob’s Dream for a Better World with Bob Summerwill

Speaking of Crypto

5th May 2018

Blockchain – Making the Beautiful Dream a Reality

EDCON 2018

2nd May 2018

Alison Alexis – EIP0 Public Meeting

EDCON 2018

17th April 2018

Bob Summerwill – Chronologic at EthCC

Chronologic at EthCC

AMA with Cryptex – Bob Summerwill

22nd March 2018

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency – Bob Summerwill

18th March 2018

Bob Summerwill – Sweetbridge – Rewriting the Operating System for the World Economy.

14th March 2018

Interview with Bob Summerwill from Sweetbridge

Bob Summerwill – Call for an End to Tribalism In Ethereum

EDCON 2018

29th May 2017

Bob Summerwill – Enterprise Ethereum Alliance – A Technical Discussion

19th September 2016

Bob Summerwill – Ethereum for Resource-Constrained Devices